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Circuit BMX Shop

Still Stoked!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on June 4, 2015 at 6:51 pm

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For those that don't know, my bike got stolen from me a few weeks back. I miss it dearly and would love to have it back in my possession. Who ever finds it and brings it back gets a very special gift.
 Anyway, I'm rolling again! Thanks to all the very special friends in my life for making it happen so quick. The whole FBM Crew, Matt at Profile Racing, George at Rennen, Bobby Parker, Moeller and Mckinney at S&M. And John Lee for the best gift ever, my ATI Pistol Grips. I love you guys,Thanks!

Hey! Things are happening around here this Summer and the Shadow Team is kicking it off. They will be at Circuit this Monday June 8th at 4pm. Come hang out with some rad dudes in a parking lot. Hope to see you all there!!

Don't like carrying tools in your bag or pockets? How about in your seat and post? We The People is making it easy with the Smuggler Seat and Socket Post.

We rec ieved a good size restock on all Sunday and Odyssey goods we've been out of for a bit. The Odyssey Galaxy Pivotal coming back was a surprise to me but they are here. Also restocked on the Sunday Jackal(Chris Childs) Bars. I'm sure Chris will be happy to install them for you if you ask nicely. Sunday Saker V2 Cranks are back too.

We received a large Cult shipment this week. Lots of new items from them including this new Hawk V2 Frame in 20.75. These have been moving quick. Other new Cult items are - Butter Pegs in 4.5, Quatro Bars,Stone Cold Bars, Dak Seats etc....

BSD has been putting out some rad looking stuff lately. Here is the Alex D Frame in 20.8 and the Acid Fork. 

DK Nano push bikes are the perfect little machine for your toddler to get rolling on. Really digging the push bike movement. Start them young!!

Haro Race Bikes have arrived. We have a few on the floor and most are available within 2 shipping days. Here is the Race Lite in Expert XL. Check the Complete Bike Page to see whats in stock.

Circuit Team Manager JP laying it flat and up at Prov Park Photo by Circuit Team Manager Dewboy.

Post it!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on May 20, 2015 at 6:39 pm

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Keeping up with the daily activity in the shop is hard enough. Never mind getting a blog post up for all the items that arrive on a daily basis. If you're interested in what we get in here day by day go to our Facebook Page. I post a good amount of it up on there. Thanks for checking in and how about this weather!!!

Surprise! Profile Racing pulled a fast one on us and re-released the Cotton Candy Hubs. These are vibrant and would dialed on any setup. Whats next? 

Merritt has been stepping up their game lately and the quiet guy in the back room has been busy thinking of what product to release next. BF and Option Tires, Hub guards, Non Stop Hubs, Final Drive Coaster all new from the Merritt Boys! The Non Stop Hub offers 120 points of engagement and has a 14mm female axle. Perfect for that bitch crank.  And have you ever heard of a Freecoaster driver with a lifetime warranty? You're looking at one.

It's Spring right? That means its time for a new bike. The 2016 Kink Completes are on the floor and looking proper. I hear this almost everyday "Complete bikes are so sick now" and its true, they are. And the 2016 Kink completes are no exception. These bikes are dialed from the bottom to the top.

Here's the Kink Liberty Sexton edition. Hard to believe this bike is only $449.99.

The Kink Whip Hamlin edition has that crackle paint job you've always wanted.

Kink Launch is the best 329.99 Chrome bike you're gonna find. Even better than that Mongoose.

Odyssey is always mixing it up with the seats. You can go retro or you can go urban. Might as well go looting with the Sunday "cornerstone" Seat.

Thanks to everyone that went out to the Circuit/B-Cave Prov Park Jam! And thanks to all the fine brands for donating all the goods to toss out. Sunday,S&M,Fit, Profile, Merritt,Cult. I heard it was good but I wouldn't know  CAUSE I DONT HAVE A BIKE AND I WORKED ALL DAY!!! EEESH!!

Zak(Tex) was there laying down some proper looking tables. Photo by Tenny Tyler.

Stay Two Tired!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on May 7, 2015 at 9:50 am

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When you go from a standstill to non stop movement you end up getting beat down and tired. Take a rest, take a breather and start all over again. This warm weather will be gone before you know it. We've had lots going on around here and we have lots of new items arriving in the shop daily not to mention our regular stock.

2016 Kink Completes will be in the shop today.

2015 Haro Race LT and Annex Completes will be in the shop by the weekend.

New Merritt goods will be shipping this week.(Hubs,Tires,Freecoaster, ect..)

If you care about what green space we have left in this world of cement and tar then attend this meeting at the Cumberland Public Library Monday May 11th at 6:30 PM.

Maxxis decided to step up the size on their popular Grifter Tire. Now available in 2.3. Hopefully the DTH follows suit.

Sunday has a new strategy. They are making some high quality goods that won't break the bank. The Current tires are a high pressure tire thats priced at $20.00 We have them in a variety of colors and work well on all surfaces.

Cult/Vans Tires are here with some limited color. Im not sure how long they will be running them in these colors but they look rad and I know you old schoolers want to pop some of them mean greens on some mags you have laying around. Available in 2.2 and 2.35.

We have over 50 complete bikes on the floor at the moment. Come in and take a look.
Here is the perfect entry level bike. The Verde Cadet priced at 299.99 and its fully sealed. Thats unheard of!! Stay Two Tired!!

We have a new frame in the shop and more on the way. Here is the S&M Whammo (Craig Passero) Frame.  Its a 20.75 and trans purple. This frame has that sharp tech geometry but can be ridden on any type of terrain. $354.99

If you've ever seen Bobby ride you know he doesn't like to keep his tires on the ground.

Here We Go!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on April 18, 2015 at 1:52 pm

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Now this is what I"m talking about. The trees are budding the birds are singing. After the past few months this is feeling like paradise!!

I updated the Complete Bikes in Stock Page. Feel free to take a look and see what we have on the floor. Please note that the complete bike page is not always accurate. Please call or visit the shop to find out whats on the floor.

Here are some new items that have arrived in the shop the past few days.

Our last Sunday Bonus Bike (Galaxy) went quick. We are restocked on one of the best looking machines out there. Out There!! $459.99

Sunday Am in Gloss Raw is back in the shop. Another sweet looking rig. Its a little too nice out not to be riding. Come take one for a spin. $389.99

Cult Gateway Completes are on the floor. We have the Gateway in Silver and Black. These bikes are simple and clean, just the way I like them. $399.99

Chase Hawk is one of the raddest riders out there. Of course we are gonna stock his frame in the shop. The Cult Hawk V2 is back in Trans Orange, 20.75. $329.99. Rad dude, rad bike, rad color!!

More Chase Hawk? Sure why not!! This time in the way of the Odyssey Hawk V2 Stem. This is number 26 of 30 of the gold lettered stems.. Come get closer to the dude himself!!

Stems,Stems,Stems!! We have a few. Heres a restock on some Fit and S&M stems. Enduros with the Shield and the new Hoder BTM wrap. Camo Credence Turtlenecks are in along with the new Polished Credence stems.

Hey!! Circuit/B-cave Jam @ Prov Park May 16th!! See you all there for the madness that is.

Thanks to all the sponsors for the support..

Heres a list of other new items in the shop this past week.

DK Nano Bikes
Shadow Supreme Chains
Shadow Invisa Lite Knee and Shin Pads
Shadow Strada Nuova Tires in Green.
Sunday Model C Bike
BSD Safari Pedals
Premium Plastic and Metal Pedals
Subrosa Pizza/Baja Seats- Pivotal
Primo Oil Slick Disc Sprockets- 25-28th

What a Sight!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on April 10, 2015 at 8:58 am

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Not having snow on the ground is a welcome sight. Even though it was only around for a couple of months it feels like an eternity. Spring is here so lets do this outdoor thing!!

I built up this awesome FBM A.O.D rig for Jared. We put everything FBM makes  on this thing.If you have a bike you dream about we can build it.

Profile Racing Bark Cloth Hubs are in stock. They are limited and we have one set left.
We've already laced up a few sets and they look rad once they get rolling.

Demolition Momentum Tires are fully stocked. If you're a fan of these have them here. Or if your looking for a new tire for some park/street riding these are a good option. Low profile for the smooth, fast ride.

Lots of new bars in stock this week and more on the way. As always we are fully stocked on S&M and Fit bars. Van Homan has his own Signature Bar by Fit. We also restocked on the Crumlish 9" 4 pc bar in Black and Chrome.Polished Credence Stems are available in the shop too. We have a few limited S&M Camo Sprockets in 30th.

These days are not far off, use them wisely!!

Are We There Yet?

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on March 21, 2015 at 12:43 pm

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The answer is no but we are close. We have lots of new Freestyle and Race goods arriving daily in the shop. We will be stocking up on all your favorite brands, if we don't have what you are looking for we are happy to special order any item with no shipping charge(excludes some complete bikes)

We are happy to vending at Woodland BMX Track for the 2015 season as well.
2015 is going to be a great year!!

New in the shop is this beauty of a frame, the S&M Credence M.O.D. in 21 TT Gloss Raw
Fact: This frame will allow you to be a "do not carer" a "master dirt ramp builder/rider" you may also find muscles in areas of your body you didn't know exist. No promises though!

Fbm released their new soft goods last week and they are soft. Printed on Next Level T-shirts. They fit great look good and did I mention they are super soft shirts.

Sunday Am Plus Galaxy Bonus Bike is in the shop and its sold. We have a few more on the way. If you want one let us know. There aren't many left!!

Tree Ergo Seats have been out for a bit. We have them all back in stock. We also have the Tree V2 4130 Spline Sprockets back in 25-28th. Tree V2 Headsets are in the shop also.

Daily Diggle from the Rad Skatepark John Lee Benefit a few weeks ago. If you haven't donated to John Lee yet and you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket heres the link. Do It!!

March Forward!!

Posted by

Circuit BMX

on March 4, 2015 at 7:28 pm

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Its March right? I remember not many years ago when March meant 60 degree days and starting to dial. Well in the past couple of years its just another winter month. What is up!!??

T-1 unleashed all their new soft goods just in time for them 60 degree days that will hopefully be right around the corner.
If you missed the T-1 Barcode pre-book I'm sorry, if you didn't miss it then get stoked. We have one Barcode coming for the shop. 21 Gloss Raw, Removable mounts.

 We are restocked on Circuit Hoodies,3/4 shirts and T's. This may be the last run of this design. So if you're into it come grab one before they are gone.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Credence Vid showing. Ill be honest and say I was surprised how many people came out because I didn't really post it or put it out there. I guess cabin fever was in full effect. We have copies of the Credence Vid in the shop and they are only a few bucks, so worth it.

We are fully restocked on 2015 Fit Completes for the spring season. Take a look at the Complete Bike Page to see whats available in the shop. We will be bringing in a few new Race Brands also for this coming Race Season.

Im stoked that everyone out there has been shredding the indoor parks this winter season. Unfortunately I've been off the bike all season with a back injury and now a arthritis flair up in my knee. Hoping to be back at it sooner than later but hey at least its still winter in March.

Here's your Daily Diggle at Rad. Photo by Jake W Owen.


Posted by

Circuit BMX

on February 2, 2015 at 8:57 am

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Its that point of year when we all ask ourselves this question. Why do I live here!? Winter is not easy on the body or the mind, it started off decent but this is getting out of hand. I'm gonna remind you why you live in New England and why you love it.

Lets start with the New England BMX Scene. Its flat out RAD!! There's always something going down during the warmer months that its hard to keep up or even attend all these jams/events because they all cross with one another. Think about how fortunate we are to have such a thriving scene.

Shops!! We have some of the raddest/supportive BMX shops in the country. Just having one good shop in your region is a blessing. We have a handful making the scene what it is. With out them/us things may be a little different. Support!!

Prov Jam! Its coming in April!!

Characters!! New England is full of them and they are always making the session a better one.

Summer trips with the crew. Hop in the van for a week and have some fun.
Circuit "Roll Out" Trip

Trail Jams!! There seemed to be more than usual this past season and I'm hoping we can carry this into 2015.
Dwayne ripping at the Scituate Roast!!

Visitors!! We have our fair share of visitors throughout the season. New and old, either way its always reassuring knowing that riders want to make the trip to visit what we have in N.E.

Mulville comes here a few times a year to throw his legs in the air.

Concrete!! There are some rad parks around here.
Diggle getting twisted at Dayville.

Hanging with your homies in the beautiful N.E. woods!!

Parties!!!! We have some of the best parties. B-Cave Premieres being one of them. Will we have another this year??

Marley's Beach House By The Lake!! This Vermont retreat feels like a dream sometimes.

Im not saying don't leave during winter just remind yourself why you live here once in a while!!

I end this with the newly released Pareidolia Promo focusing on N.E. riders and the region itself.
This is rad and I"m stoked to see what these guys have planned for the future.


Posted by

Circuit BMX

on January 25, 2015 at 8:49 pm

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My first post of the new year and I'm happy to bring you something better than what we are about to see up in here R.I.

I spent a week hanging out with Coleman, Portuguese Swayze and the ever hilarious Vicio (Cheesio) on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Here's some photo evidence of what went down. Since I'm still on the injured list I was able to get some filming done also. Thanks to Carlos and Evan for the shelter and for having me on this last minute adventure.

This must be just like living in paradise!!

Coleman letting it rip at Quabradilla. This is a 7ft hip and its all down hill, hitting this brakeless is balls out!

Quebradilla is that pot of gold!!

We crashed out in Rincon with our bud evan for a night. Spent the day at "Pools" watching him catch some minis on the "flattest day of the year". Thanks Evan!!

San Juan is an unexplored city for me. We rode the obvious hits but there are spots down every street and alleyway. Nick getting rad on a brick hip that's not easy to ride.

Surfs Up!! The wind was blowing hard this day and nick was the only one brave enough to ride La Perla. The bowl was as slick as ice from the ocean spray and fresh paint job.

If you know Coleman you're usually used to seeing him on a ledge but did you know he could get styley?  Proof!!

Class Nick F move right here. The fakie footplant at "Punta Las Marias"

Evan's mountain paradise by the beach!!

A Gaggle of Geese and a slice of Cheese in Paradise!!

Here is some footage I put together from our time in P.R. Thanks to Nick for the opening design for the edit. Hope this motivates you to visit this amazing island. Get out and adventure!!

Circuit in Puerto Rico 2015 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

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